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Cameron Highland Trip~~~

Our counseling Unit having a trip to cameron highland for 2 days 1 night.
We gather at school at 5.00am on 8-6-09 (Monday).
Then we start our journey...

After we reached there at 12.00pm, we having our lunch.

Then, we moved on to Barre IJ Centre.... there is where our place to sleep...

Our room have 7 "double decker" bed... so can hold 14 people.
We having a lecture about counseling technique there.

After that, we having our dinner at the same restaurant as we took our lunch. The food are tasteless and oily. Haiz...
After dinner, we go to the night market there.
This is "炒冰".

There got many things to eat and buy.

After 10pm, we go back to Barre IJ Centre.
Then we took our time to present "skesa"---something like drama.
The theme is how science and technology help development of economy.

We go to bed on 12.45am. It is early morning!!!
Then we slept while friends/room mate playing cards.
Very soon, about 2.35am I wake up. Then I cant continue sleep already.
So the whole night I feel very cold and my whole body shivering, until morning 5.00am.

After we grooming, that is about 7.00am. But our breakfast time is 9.00am. So, we just wait the time pass.

After we having breakfast, we visit many farms such as strawberry farm, cactus garden, tea farm....

Then we moved down from the highland. We reached Ipoh around 4pm and having lunch there. Then we start back to Penang.

I reached home around 7.00pm.

This is a memorable trip for me!